Open Tournament Calendar

This calendar below lists tournaments which are open to both adults and scholastic players (for scholastic-only tournaments, click here). You can filter the calendar to only the KCA’s own events (championships and the Kentucky Open) or only events taking place in your region by clicking the little arrow in the upper right. We suggest you use Google Calendar or your favorite other calendar program to subscribe to  the calendar for Official KCA events and the calendar for the regions of the state you are interested in (Louisville area, Lexington area, Northern Kentucky, Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky).

Please note that except for KCA official tournaments, tournaments are usually added to this calendar by tournament organizers directly.  The KCA does not vet or endorse any particular third-party tournaments or ensure the accuracy of their listings.

Tournament listings are self-serve. If you are a tournament organizer and would like access to add your tournaments to this calendar, please email for directions.